About Samuel Bran

I'm a 28 years old Web Designer and Front-end developer based in tropical San Salvador, El Salvador. I started designing and coding as a hobby back in 2008 when I used to run a Photoshop blog. Then in 2011 I started to work for a small business as a Front-end Dev, two years later in 2013 I joined the amazing crew at Happy Punk Panda.

I design and code responsive websites and interfaces.

When coding I do most of my work along with WordPress as Content Management System, but I also have experience coding front-end for Ruby on Rails apps and standalone HTML/PHP. Talking about HTML I try to keep my markup semantic, meaninful, so it is easy for other developers to know where something is happening, I practice this in my CSS and Javascript too. Now that I've mentioned CSS is worth to say that I love working with SASS although I have experience with LESS, I prefer the first one because it is based on Ruby. Currently I'm working in my very first Rails app, if you would like to know when is ready follow me on Twitter.

When designing I do most of my work on Photoshop and Sketch, rely a lot in typography and keep pictures and icons use at a minimum. I believe in the clarity of typography and its natural power to transmit a message.

There is a lot more I would like to say about me, so if you would like to talk with me or if you're in San Salvador area and want to hangout and have a nice chatting do not hesitate to contact me: hello[at]samuelbran.com or hit me at Twitter @samuelbran